September 19, 2021

Young Chinese basketball player is nicknamed ‘Lil Steph Curry’ after his game footage goes viral

Steph Curry is a real phenomenon in the NBA. Curry is one of the main reasons the NBA has undergone a drastic transformation in recent years.

The two-time former MVP entered the NBA in 2009 and immediately began to make an impact. With his incredible three-point shot, Curry has established himself as a league superstar.

Curry has formed an incredible partnership with Klay Thompson, as the two have established themselves as the league’s two top pure shooters.

Due to their incredible chemistry and success in shooting the ball beyond the arc, Steph and Klay have become the cornerstones of the Warriors franchise which has won 3 NBA Championships in 4 years.

For many fans and analysts, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history. And few could present an argument that would deny this claim.

Due to Curry’s incredible success on the three-point line, NBA franchises have focused more on shooting from the afterlife.

Steph is also considered one of the faces of the NBA, along with LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The three players are the biggest names in the league and are the cornerstones of their respective franchises.

Steph has one of the most unique styles of play in NBA history. And no one has managed to imitate this style. But a young Chinese player could be the first to do so.

Images of a young basketball player in China have gone viral for the incredible similarities he has to Steph Curry. His playstyle, and his overall game, bears a striking similarity to the way Curry plays the game.

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