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“You have the tallest basketball player on the planet, the second tallest in Scottie Pippen, and then you have the devil”

The Chicago Bulls became one of the most legendary NBA teams of all time throughout their championship in the 1990s. The Bulls dynasty will go down in history as one of the most dominant, as the team won six championships from 1991 to 1998. The teams featured two of the greatest wings to ever share the floor together with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Throughout the Bulls’ championship run, a number of players were brought on board in order to become complementary pieces to Jordan and Pippen. It wasn’t until 1995 that the organization made a decision that would see the Bulls become one of the most terrifying forces in the NBA. Chicago would trade with the San Antonio Spurs, acquiring talented forward Dennis Rodman in exchange for Will Perdue. After a history of problems off the field, it was a gamble for the Bulls to be able to handle a player with the personality of Rodman. It didn’t take long for Rodman and the Bulls to be a perfect match.

The Bulls dynasty has garnered a lot of attention over the past couple of years. After the release of the documentary “Last Dance”, basketball fans around the world found themselves passionate about the stories that took place behind the scenes of the historic franchise. Legendary forward Scottie Pippen even came out recently and announced that he will be posting his own memoir about his time with the Bulls. Today, GQ published an article on Dennis Rodman’s career with the team. This is remarkable because of the open and honest voice for which Rodman is known throughout his basketball career. Speaking of the Chicago Bulls team, Rodman had some interesting words about his two talented teammates, as well as himself.

“You’ve got the greatest basketball player on the planet,” says Michael Jordan’s Dennis, “Scottie Pippen’s second tallest, then you’ve got the devil. “

. @ DennisRodman in the @ChicagoBulls team of the 90s which won three championships

Rodman becomes a legendary defender

Chicago Bulls teammates Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodamn

Dennis Rodman was one of a kind as a player on and off the pitch. While many focused on the antics Rodman had off the pitch, his style of play was something that made him such a special talent. Rodman was a vicious defenseman and will go down as one of the best defensive weapons to ever play basketball. He was an incredible athlete who jumped out at you with his passion for basketball. Just fire up any game involving Rodman and you’re sure to see him dive to the ground or do whatever he can to secure every bounce.

In the article published by GQ writer Mychal Smith, Rodman explains in detail what he did to try to be one of the best defensemen during his time in the NBA, especially with the Chicago Bulls. The eight-time All-Defensive player talks about his preparation to face some of the best players to ever play in the game. Rodman referred to the challenges he faced against NBA legends such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and James Worthy, and explained that he had to study for hours to become the defensive player he needed to be.

“I’ve been working in defense every day for, like, a few years, man,” he says. “And all of a sudden I perfected it to the point of how the players were going to react to something [before they did]. “

The legendary forward has never been afraid to be himself throughout his NBA career. For a player who has played the game with so much determination and raw passion, Rodman will be remembered as one of the most energetic figures to ever step onto a basketball court. Although the Chicago Bulls have already won victories at the highest level, the team has reached another level by bringing in Dennis Rodman. It’s safe to say the ’90s Bulls Dynasty was just as special as player Dennis Rodman.

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