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Who is Hansel Enmanuel? One-armed high school basketball player, social media star collecting major deals

When Hansel Enmanuel was 6 years old, a wall collapsed on him – he was trapped for two hours. His father found him and saved him, but he lost his left arm below his shoulder after being amputated.

But, according to the Orlando SentinelHansel Enmanuel, whose full name is Hansel Enmanuel Donato Domínguez, does not want people “to see me as a special child who has a disability”.

“[I wish] that the only ones see me as a great player who will go as far as many. That I’m a good player”, Donato Domínguez said in Spanish to the newspaper.

Years later, he proves on the pitch that he is a great player. Donato Domínguez got a lot of attention on social media for the games he played on the court, and now at Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee, Florida, he’s become a promising recruit.

Friday, it was reported by the commercial call that Donato Domínguez had received an offer from Memphis, a perennial Division 1 powerhouse.

This is the third D-1 offer Donato Domínguez has received after Tennessee State and Bethune-Cookman, per the trade call.

Hansel Enmanuel’s accident

Donato Domínguez’s father, Hansel Salvador Donato, told the Orlando Sentinel he still remembered the incident.

Donato Domínguez had been trapped under a collapsing wall for nearly two hours while climbing in the Dominican Republic, according to, and when doctors examined him it was determined he had to have the arm amputated.

“You remember everything [from the accident] because a shot like this is not forgotten, so quickly despite everything he achieves, thank God,” Donato said, according to the Sentinel.

Due to the amputation, Donato Domínguez could no longer play baseball, so he chose basketball instead. His father, who played professional basketball in the Dominican Republic, said he grew to love the sport and gave it his all.

Donato Domínguez told the Sentinel he calls the incident a “blessing”.

“God always has a purpose. I live his mission, what he wants me to do in this life. Everything I do, I do it first with God and for my family, they are everything [to me]”, Donato Domínguez told the Sentinel.

Hansel Enmanuel is recruiting

Donato Domínguez took off quickly and videos of his performance on the pitch got a lot of attention.

Life Christian Academy coach Moisés Michell was one of those who saw the videos and he helped Donato Domínguez reach the United States, according to Marca. He came to Florida when he was 16 and immediately performed well, averaging 26 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists per game.

Donato Domínguez lived with Michell and Ángel Pimentel Montas, another student hosted by Michell, according to the Sentinel. Both athletes were scholarship recipients of the Life Christian Academy.

“These guys are something else, not because they’re Dominican or because I coach them, but their dedication and performance on the pitch got us all giving 200%,” Michell told the Sentinel. .

Donato Domínguez’ performance did more than provide entertaining highlights. He’s considered a legit prospect, with 247Sports listing him as the No. 26 2022 rookie at Florida State with a three-star rating. In August 2021, he announced on Instagram that he had received an offer from Tennessee State University, the first Division I offer he had received.

On Friday, he received his first D1 offer from Memphis.

Hansel Enmanuel has a $1.2 million NIL Valuationaccording to On3, which is the 6th highest valuation, according to the website NONE 100.

Social Media Tracking

Both on his own accounts and through highlight reels on others, Donato Domínguez has a major following.

Videos posted to YouTube garner thousands – sometimes millions – of views as he shows off the talent he possesses.

On Instagramhe has 1.2 million followers and on TikTokthere are 2.4 million people following the high school star.

He posted photos of himself on Instagram with several celebrities, from NBA Star Kyrie Irving comrade Dominican athlete Pedro Martinez for rapper and fellow Dominican J. Cole.

He also appeared in J. Cole’s “Dreamer: The Audacity” series.

The 41-second video, Donato Domínguez dribbles while sharing the following message: “I have to keep a 100 with you, they don’t think you can do it. They look at you and all they see is a man standing in front of a mountain too big to climb. But I believe in you. Shit, you made me a believer because I see how much you believe in yourself. Otherwise, why would you want to work so hard. Shit, I’m not gonna lie, they surprised you made it this far. Now, quietly in the back of their minds, there’s a little thought wondering how far you can actually go with this. And I know something they don’t know. Whether the answer to that question, my boy, is up to you.