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Morgantown, West Virginia – After West Virginia’s seventh straight loss, the sad fact that has come to light is that the Mountaineers just aren’t as talented as the top teams in the country. The other difficult reality is that Bob Huggins is an old-school coach in a rapidly changing world.

Players, especially the best in the country, don’t want to play for a coach who will make them a better person, or push them on and off the pitch. Instead, they want to build their brands, get ready for the NBA, and get paid big bucks for it.

Earlier in the day, Mitch Vingle, a former state editor/reporter, had some very forward thinking that’s not typical of West Virginia media.

“It’s just time for West Virginia basketball to join the rest of the crowd and start buying players. The door is open. A future Hall of Fame coach is in place. Mountaineer fans are awesome. The Colosseum and training facilities are top notch. The Country Roads Trust is there.

Vingle’s take was certainly eye-opening and intriguing. This is college basketball today. This is the world we live in.

Bob Huggins is a great coach, but why on earth would one of the best rookies in the country come to Morgantown to play for him if he wants to challenge them, expect them to be a team player and not don’t get paid for it?

Although it’s a hard thing for people in West Virginia to accept, paying high school students large sums of money is the only way to compete in college basketball. And it’s perfectly legal now.

The Country Roads Trust is a great first step, but it needs to be organized and focused. Bringing in the best high school recruits should be his primary focus.

For example, Kwame Evans, a 6’9, 200-pound forward from Baltimore, Maryland, who plays for Montverde Academy in Florida. Evans is a five-star recruit and the No. 2 ranked prospect in the nation, according to ESPN.

West Virginia has no chance of attracting Evans…unless, of course, donors and fans can raise a few million dollars for him. While $2 million seems like a lot to give a high school kid, his level of talent is definitely worth it to the basketball program.

With a legendary head coach, state-of-the-art basketball practice facilities and $2 million in cash, West Virginia is becoming a major player for a talent like Kwame Evans.

With Kwame Evans and a few key pieces around him, the Mountaineers become a contender.

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