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Voting ended in Local 4’s Winter 4Frenzy. Now our Kim DeGiulio is taking us to L’Anse Creuse High School to spotlight one of our basketball nominees.

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March is all about basketball, but for these players here at L’Anse Creuse High School in Harrison Township, they’re focused on their basketball game 365 days a year.

The L’Anse Creuse Lancers are gearing up for the playoffs led by one of their star players and small forward from Local 4Frenzy – Caron Williams.

“Caron is just a kid who, you know, you see a kid every 10 years who really has it. Caron is that kid,” head coach George Woods said.

Coach Woods said he knew that when he met Caron in 8th grade, and now he’s a junior who absolutely owns the field.

“We had about 20 games, 14 of those games he had over 30 points in every game,” Woods said.

He was named best small forward, but coach Woods describes Caron as a versatile player.

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“I can play him from 1, 2, 3 or 4 because of his size,” Woods added.

“I could do a lot of things…any coach would put me where you need me, and I produce,” Caron said.

It is this confidence that will certainly take him far. Like his dreams of playing basketball professionally.

“[I’d like to] get to the NBA, but I have to go to college first,” Caron said.

And he and the team already have a taste of what that would look like.

“Every year we take them to Little Caesars Arena and play because they dream of the NBA. Playing on a floor at Little Caesars Arena gave them the opportunity to feel that kind of atmosphere,” Coach said. Woods.

And Coach Woods said there was no doubt Caron could pull it off with the incredible support of his mum and sister, who really push him which allows the coach to guide him.

“Oh yes, they motivate me a lot and keep pushing me to go to the gym every day,” Caron said.

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The Lancers are working hard in practice. The playoffs begin Monday night as they take on the Utica Ford basketball team.

We wish good luck to the whole team! And I want to thank everyone who participated in 4Frenzy this winter season.

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