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Turkey’s women’s basketball team aims for European crown

The Turkish women’s national basketball team is aiming for the European title as they prepare in Bolu for the upcoming FIBA ​​Women’s European Championship Qualifiers 2023.

The national team is currently attending a week-long conditioning camp in the western Turkish city under the guidance of head coach Ceyhun Yıldızoğlu.

Star player Tilbe Şenyürek said his first priority will be to pass the qualifiers in November and February 2023, but the main objective will be to win the final.

“I think this camp will go a long way in helping our young and energetic team. We are very sorry that we could not participate in the world championship this year.

“The main objective is to pass the qualifications for the European championship and possibly to get on the podium… We want to make up for the missed world championship,” she said.

Shooting keeper Sevgi Uzun has said he wants to put the unsuccessful World and European campaigns behind him and focus on the future.

Alperi Onar, who plays for Turkish powerhouse Fenerbahçe, said women are strong enough to do anything.

“Our goal is always to get on the podium. I hope we can achieve that in the European Championship next year. Women have to be brave and do what they want.”

They are strong enough to do anything, anywhere in the world. I hope we can set an example for young girls,” she added.

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