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Top 10 All-Time “Basketball Superstar & Rap Icon” Duets of America’s “Dunkadelic Era”, 1984-Present

The fusion of “Basketball and Hip-Hop” cultures of the past 22 years has been defined as “The Dunkadelic Era” in America, 1984 to present. In 1984, when Michael Jordan and his “Air Jordans” hit the NBA, and Def Jam’s Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin recorded the new cultural era of “Basketball and Hip-Hop” was created in America. The Top 10 All-Time Basketball Superstar and Rap Icon Duo’s show how the gamer and rap artists connect like a 1-2 punch in the world of hip-hop.

1. LeBron James and Jay-Z, the “Dunkadelic Mega-Star of Basketball” and the “King of the Hip-Hop Icon”. King James is the basketball phenomenon that runs the NBA. Jay-Z is the hip-hop mogul. LeBron and Jay-Z are the 2 biggest icons of culture. LeBron lifts Rock-A-Fella’s “Dynasty” panel as it is introduced at the start of matches. LeBron and Jay-Z have a connection as ambassadors for “Basketball and Hip-Hop”.

2. Allen Iverson and Tupac Shakur, renegade No. 1 basketball player of all time and renegade No. 1 rapper of all time. Iverson is known as “The Answer” and Tupac was known as “The Messenger”. Both Iverson and Tupac have defined more than any other player or rapper the fusion of “Basketball and Hip-Hop” cultures of the past 20 years. Iverson made tattoos and bling the status symbol in basketball that was linked to Tupac’s “Gangsta” image “Gettin ‘Paid”. AI and Pac will be linked as the 2 icons who best personified the “Basketball and Hip-Hop” culture in America.

3. Michael Jordan and RUN-DMC / Rakim, Michael Jordan the greatest player of all time and RUN-DMC the most important rap artists of all time. Jordan took basketball to a new level, just like RUN-DMC did for hip-hop. Jordans’ play demanded attention, as did Rakim’s words. MJ scared every team and every player in the NBA. Rakim used to say to the hip-hop world “I Ain’t No Joke”. Jordan and RUN-DMC are linked because both have made sneakers a fashion statement in hip-hop culture.

4. Shaquille O’Neal and Notorious BIG, Shaq is called “The Daddy” and Biggie was known as “Big Pappa”. They were both moving like they were Vito Corleone. Shaq and Biggie could explode anytime with tremendous force. Shaq with his explosive dunks, and Biggie with his powerful words. The 2 icons are linked because they both remain giant shadows on the world of “Basketball and Hip-Hop”.

5. Dwyane Wade and Kanye West, D-Wade is the quiet and confident leader of the Miami Heat, and will forever be compared to LeBron. Kanye as D-Wade is compared to Jay-Z because both come from Roc-A-Fella records. D-Wade is a new element in basketball just like Kanye is in hip-hop. D-Wade and Kanye are related because they both have the same demeanor and style.

6. Carmelo Anthony and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Carmelo is the basketball superstar who has been considered the next Allen Iverson with his tattoos, shooting sleeve, cornrows and street cred. 50 Cent as Melo was “get rich or die trying”. Carmelo and 50 Cent are linked because both represent the hard street side of hip-hop.

7. Kevin Garnett and Snoop Dogg, KG and Snoop Dogg are both part of the old school, but still a major player in the new school. KG and Snoop have this laid back attitude with style and charisma. When KG called sports announcers “My Dawg”, Snoop dropped the “Shizzle Fizzle My Nizzle”. KG and Snoop are related because both bring a Cool and Chill mentality to “Basketball and Hip-Hop”.

8. Rasheed Wallace and Chuck D./Eminem, Rasheed as his compatriot N. Carolina Tar Heel Michael Jordan has 2 MCee who compare to him. Rasheed, known as “Roscoe” to his teammates, is the controversial basketball star with his comments and actions, just as Chuck D. and Eminem do with their lyrics. Raheed, who plays for the Detroit Pistons, is Eminem’s hometown. Rasheed will “fight for power” against the establishment just like Chuck D. and Public Enemy.

9. Stephon Marbury and Nas, Stephon the Coney Island playground superstar and Nas the hip-hop icon of Long Island City. Starbury and Nas are both linked by their roots in Brooklyn, New York. Starbury and Nas are “Basketball and Hip-Hop” icons who are often left out of the “Best of Their Generation” list. In the end, Starbury and Nas are 2 kids from Brooklyn who figured out that one has a sick croos-over and the other has sick lyrics.

10. Kobe Bryant and Nelly, Kobe the arrogant charismatic superstar is the golden boy of basketball, and Nelly the arrogant charismatic icon of hip-hop. Kobe and Nelly both bring sparkle and glamor to the culture. Kobe has been called the next Michael Jordan and Nelly as hip-hop’s next sex symbol after LL Cool J and Tupac. Kobe and Nelly are bonded as both bring this Hollywood status to the culture.

NBA Commissioner David Stern and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons are the 2 “godfathers” of America’s “Dunkadelic era” from 1984 to today.

The 2006 2nd Annual All-Dunkadelic Team and the 2006 1st Annual College All-Dunkadelic and MVP Team will be announced on Thursday, June 29 following the NBA Draft.

Amare Stoudemire of Phoenix was the 1st annual MVP of the 2005 All-Dunkadelic team. LeBron, D-Wade, Vince and Kenyon Martin were selected in the All-Dunkadelic first team.

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