Basketball team

The Mesa Press | The men’s basketball team gets whistled

As the season draws to a close with only 5 games left, the team has been working harder in hopes of an even better end-of-season story. Wednesday night’s basketball game could have been celebrated in victory by our Olympians if it hadn’t been for some obviously bad calls from the referee that were blatantly pointed out by the fans in the stands.

A referee whistled for a foul during the first quarter which rocked the crowd when No 11 William Bailey got up for a lay-up and was fouled in the air and had to retire the ball without receiving his and 1. Another foul that had the crowd on their feet was when No. 33 Jamaal Wright latched on to a rebound and got whistled instead of a Palomar player who should have whistle instead of a reaching foul.

We suffered another loss of only 5 points against Palomar with a final score of 64-59. The team was beginning their pre-game rituals when they were asked for a few words before the game. Team Captains: #12- Craig “CJ” Jackson, #11- William “Will” Bailey, #5-Sean Smith and #30- Emanuel “E” Henry. These players were asked how they thought the team was going to fare knowing that they had only lost by 3 points in the previous game against Palomar. Will was the first to speak confidently, knowing they should do well, feeling like a solid team without any issues, as did the other captains agreeing with ‘we’re straight, we’re good’. They said Palomar’s No. 22 was their biggest threat when asked if they should pick someone as their biggest competition for the night. From what was seen throughout the game, he was quick to set up shooters and those driving into the bucket from outside the paint. But when asked if there was anyone on Palomar’s team who would make them nervous about losing, again confidently, a quick response this time from CJ “definitely not, he there has never been a team or a player who could make them nervous coming onto the pitch for the competition”.

As the season is ending soon, Coach Nicholas was asked if there is anyone interested in joining the team next season, how could anyone join the team or at least consider joining come for testing. He replied that there is a summer basketball course that we Mesa Olympians can sign up for and then have tryouts after and that’s basically how they do their recruiting . So if anyone was interested in joining this summer class, this would be the first step to take in hopes of playing basketball for Mesa College. Be sure to stay tuned for their upcoming matches and be sure to come out and support your fellow Olympians.