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Stop chanting “MVP” to every NBA player

Every crowd chants

Every crowd chants “MVP” these days.
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There is a growing trend that has gained too much traction lately in arenas around the NBA. Fans chanting “MVP” for any player who gives even a half-decent performance on any given night. This is not meant to discourage fans from singing, but I’m only asking if we can think of something more suitable for each moment. And that moment depends on which player on the pitch is shown the love of the fans present. But not every player can be the MVP in the same way that there aren’t 1,000 GOATs running.

It’s cool to sing and show respect to athletes, but let’s change it sometimes. Some players are even uncomfortable hearing this as they try to concentrate during a game. Washington Wizards forward Montrezl Harrell was asked about hearing the MVP all over the arena while shooting free throws and admitted he hates him but loves him by same time.

A few weeks ago, Derrick Rose overheard fans at the United Center in Chicago throwing MVP chants on the free throw line. The difference here is that Rose won the award playing for the Bulls in 2011. After so many injuries, Rose hasn’t been that player for quite some time but is still a player. outstanding NBA playmaker which sometimes shows flashes of what it was once in Chicago. Bulls fans chanting MVP for Rose, I totally understand.

Even if there’s a player on a team that hasn’t won an MVP, but maybe he’s in the conversation at the time, go ahead, shout it off the top of the mountain. Like when Joel Embiid got the MVP treatment from Philly fans last season. He was one of the top three contenders for much of the past year. He didn’t win it, but he was there in the race most of the season.

But once the deep bench players start to hear MVP addressed to them, I think it’s safe to say we jumped the shark at that point. I’m not saying that a player can’t start from the bottom and go up, but win it. Allow them to show you more than a few great games that they deserve such praise.

All I’m saying is get a little more creative and shake up the singing game a little bit. How about “You’re not bad, you’re not bad” when a player is making his free throws in a high pressure situation. If you want to ensure Lebron James never wins another NBA title, do it in the playoffs when he comes online. He may never make another free throw. Or maybe the next time Georges Niang crosses the line for the 76ers at home, the fans could throw a “better than Benny” chant. Niang is a career shooter 87.6% off the line. Philadelphia fans are already upset with the set Ben Simmons’ situation anyway, so let them take out their frustration in a semi-civilized way. I guarantee you Embiid would be happy lose your mind on this one.

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