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Stephen Curry scored more than 3 points than any other NBA player

Stephen Curry worked his way to the top of the NBA record books for 3 points.

Curry hit his 2974th 3-point goal Tuesday night in the first quarter of the Golden State Warriors game against the New York Knicks, breaking the record set by Ray Allen.

Curry hit the right wing shot with 7:33 remaining, waving his arms skyward as he ran back down the field. The Warriors then made a foul and quickly called time out to get the celebration started. Curry exchanged hugs with trainer Steve Kerr, longtime teammate Draymond Green, family members and Allen, who was at the arena.

Curry is often considered the greatest marksman in the league, and the numbers back it up. He already has two of the top three seasons for 3 points – including the only season with 400 3 – and now holds the career record Allen had held since overtaking Reggie Miller in 2011.

The record came at Madison Square Garden, where Curry enjoyed one of his early career highlights on February 27, 2013, when he netted 11 3 points and scored 54 points. He went on to win two MVP awards and three championships while also becoming one of the biggest and most popular stars in the game.

“Steph appeals to everyone, not just the die-hard fans watching his 3-point percentage,” Kerr said ahead of the game. “I think fans are drawn to him just because of his humility and his history and how hard he had to work, so from that point of view it transcends the sport a bit.

“I just think it’s a great testament to someone who is gifted but who has won everything through his work beyond the gifts he received.”

None of Curry’s celebs were guaranteed when he entered the league in 2009 as Davidson’s No.7 pick, far from being one of the basketball powers that typically produce the best players.

But with perhaps an unrivaled combination of dribbling and shooting accuracy, he led a long-range revolution that turned the 3-point pointer from an afterthought into a weapon. He’s led the league by three points on six occasions and is on course for a seventh for a resurgent Warriors side who once again set the league’s best record.

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