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Sports SpeakUp: Fan frustrated with arrival of UNM women’s basketball team

LAST 10 SECONDS of the game Lady Lobo were the ugliest! Up 2 points, ball possession Lobos at end of court, coach sends most athletic player making impossible catches every game to other end of gym, 2 Lobos available to catch ball, the pass goes out of bounds. Wyoming wins at the buzzer. This loss totally on the coach – no plan to stop layups, play 5 so no one was available for rebounds, multiple bad decisions, topped the whole game.

— Frustrated fan

ON DECEMBER 19, 1975, Portland State and the nation’s top scorer, Freeman Williams, came to town to play at UNM. Out of nowhere, a freak storm dropped about 15 inches of snow on Albuquerque that day and into the evening. At the time, UNM had no way of contacting fans to discourage them from coming to the game. Lobo basketball was so popular, anyway, that fans wouldn’t have been discouraged. About 12,000 Lobo fans slid to the pit to witness an 85-82 UNM win. Yes, that was the time.

— UNM alumnus

COMPLETE COLLAPSE by Lady Lobos! If AT cannot enter the ball in the final seconds, you call your final timeout; you cannot take it home. Also, Lobos had some fouls to give for taking time and disrupting Wyoming’s set, but didn’t take them. This team may end up winning the regular season title, but Bradbury has yet to win an MWC tournament and that won’t happen again this year.


WITH THE LOCKOUT in place and a conversation is underway to arrive at a new collective agreement. I have a suggestion to speed up the process. Lock all the parties in one room, nothing to drink and no toilets. Serve them good old New Mexico red and green chile enchiladas with all the toppings. Perhaps this would energize both parties’ efforts to address this issue before spring training begins.

— Claudie/Rio Rancho/Semper Fi

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