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Slam dunk as American shoes are given to under-18 basketball team

Dudley’s Under-18 Basketball Team donated 50 pairs of basketball shoes to professional players to support the next generation of athletic talent.

We all know that when most teens play sports it’s important to watch the game.

It helps to have self-confidence and to feel good.

But for a team of young basketball players at Dudley, the cost of athletic shoes was often a real issue, they can run up to £ 150 a pair.

But then one of their coaches came up with an idea – to link the top stars of the game … with the newbies …

Sarah Booth works for the West Bromwich Albion Foundation, coaches the Under-18 team and also works with the British Professional Basketball League, where she comes into contact with top professional players from all over the world as they play here for British clubs.

With her dual role, she was able to connect the professional basketball world with the amateur world, asking professional players – many from America – to send their “almost new” shoes to the kids at her club.

The Shoes … A pair of branded basketball sneakers can cost around £ 150. For many, like those here in Dudley, it just puts them out of reach.

Almost 50 pairs in total were purchased by Sarah using her contacts, costing over £ 5,000.

The shoes range from medium sizes to the largest you will find. It’s handy for people like Clayton Mpiana he’s 15 and yes a size 15 too.

One of those basketball stars who wanted to get involved with London Lions player Jordan Williams, who had donated one of his pairs.

He came to this training session to tell us why he wanted to help.

In a way, everyone from stars who donate to players who receive are, for once, a winner ….

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