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Skaneateles College offers a SpeakWell basketball camp with retired NBA player John Wallace and an acting camp with “Homeland” actress Amy Hargreaves

“We are thrilled to offer the SpeakWell John Wallace and Amy Hargreaves Camps to our students! This is an amazing opportunity for our students to learn from amazing professionals and gain skills that will serve them for a lifetime,” said Michael Caraccio, director of Skaneateles. Intermediate school.

Skaneateles Middle School et SpeakWell – un programme de leadership pour les jeunes qui autorise son programme aux districts scolaires à travers le pays, se sont associés pour accueillir le SpeakWell[JohnWallaceBasketballCampetlesSpeakWellAmyHargreavesActingCampsLesdeuxcampsaurontlieules16et17juilletde9h30à16h00auSkaneatelesMiddleSchool[JohnWallaceBasketballCampandtheSpeakWellAmyHargreavesActingCampsBothcampswilltakeplaceJuly16-17from9:30am-4:00pmatSkaneatelesMiddleSchool[JohnWallaceBasketballCampetlesSpeakWellAmyHargreavesActingCampsLesdeuxcampsaurontlieules16et17juilletde9h30à16h00auSkaneatelesMiddleSchool[JohnWallaceBasketballCampandtheSpeakWellAmyHargreavesActingCampsBothcampswilltakeplaceJuly16-17from9:30am-4:00pmatSkaneatelesMiddleSchool

The clinics are a team effort between New York-based SpeakWell, Skaneateles educators, and generous donors, including Chris and Karen Kreidler, the Skaneateles Middle School Parent-Teacher Committee, philanthropist Adam Weitsman, and the Skaneateles Education Foundation. – whose mission is to enrich the educational experience of every student in the Central School District of Skaneateles.

Basketball campers ages 10-13 will learn high-level basketball skills and drills from Syracuse legend John Wallace – a NY Knicks first-round pick; a team of elite basketball coaches and players, including John Wallace Jr. and guest speaker Joey Wallace, and Syracuse University’s all-time leading scorer Lawrence Moten.

Acting Campers will learn codified acting and singing techniques and skills, script analysis and monologues with “Homeland” and “13 Reasons Why” actress Amy Hargreaves and a team of professional acting coaches and of acting, including NYC acting coach Kevin Winebold and veteran talent manager, Laurie Smith of Smith Talent Group.

SpeakWell exercises are integrated into both camps. SpeakWell founder Patty Kennedy helps campers learn and practice a mindset of growth, focus, breathing, communication and leadership on and off the field and stage, while mentors of the camp offer concrete examples.

“We are thrilled to offer the SpeakWell John Wallace and Amy Hargreaves Basketball Camps to our students! We believe this is an amazing opportunity for them to learn from an incredible group of professionals, to participate in a rewarding summer experience and learn skills that will benefit them for a lifetime,” said Michael Caraccio, Principal of Skaneateles Middle School.

Studies increasingly show the longer-term devastating impact of the pandemic on student well-being, with rates of depression and anxiety skyrocketing as coping and communication skills have falled. An Inside SEL report cited a study by Tyton Partners noting that nearly 75% of teachers believe their students have fallen behind academically, socially, emotionally and physically. A research report from the American Psychological Association has shown that emotional intelligence – specifically self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and communication skills – is central to the SpeakWell program – as as critical predictors of student academic and personal success.

The SpeakWell program began in 2019 with nine middle school students who became the first in the country from a K-8 school to give TEDx talks. To date, SpeakWell has taught over 1,000 students through its after-school programs and camps. In addition to teaching leadership and communication skills, SpeakWell offers students the opportunity to engage directly with high-level mentors from a variety of professional backgrounds and participate in unique camp, speaking and coaching opportunities. leadership. In addition to basketball, acting camps, and TEDx talks, SpeakWell students have spoken in panels and with executives from international companies including UBS, BT, and Meta.

Amy Hargreaves – a well-known actress often recognized for her work in ‘Homeland’ and ’13 Reasons Why’ – was SpeakWell’s early mentor and actively worked with the students through the after-school program and drama camps, and spoke at corporate panels including BT said: “A lot of what goes into good and interesting acting – the listening, the openness, the empathy, the ability to focus and be present is reflected in the Speakwell program. Our acting camps are just a natural extension of these ideas. I am so looking forward to meeting and working with the middle schoolers at Skaneateles! “

John Wallace, who retired his No. 44 jersey from Syracuse University in February 2020, has been involved with SpeakWell since 2019, delivered a TEDx talk with original SpeakWell students, mentored many students through the program extracurricular, basketball camps and talked to BT and UBS with Mrs. Kennedy and the students. Mr Wallace invited former Syracuse teammate Lawrence Moten – who also retired his Syracuse No. 21 jersey – the two remain the most prolific scoring duo in Big East history – to share basketball lessons -ball and life with Skaneateles campers.

“I will always bleed orange,” Wallace said. “I am thrilled to work with the students at Skaneateles and look forward to seeing how much fun we will have and how much I think they will learn – not just with basketball, but also with a positive mindset. , self-confidence, focus and communication – these skills help build better players, students and a stronger society.”


For more information about SpeakWell, to register or donate to scholarships, visit or contact [email protected]

NOTE TO EDITORS: You are invited to participate in a Q&A from 3-4 p.m. on Sunday, July 17 with Amy Hargreaves, John Wallace, Lawrence Moten, Patty Kennedy and campers. To attend at another time or to arrange interviews with Amy or John, please contact Annie Nelson at 646-660-4507. Must RSVP.