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Sixers’ Joel Embiid placed just outside the top five in NBA player rankings

There is constant debate within the basketball community, who are the best players in the NBA right now? With so many elite talent in the league, ranking them correctly is a tough challenge.

The folks at recently gave away their top ten players for the 2021-22 season. One Sixer ended up just outside the top five.

Joel Embiid was arguably the most dominant player in the NBA last season. Without the missed matches, he likely would have walked away with the MVP award. The 27-year-old averaged a career-high 28.5 PPG and had the best shooting spreads of his career (51.3% FG / 37.7% 3P / 85.9% FT) en route to lead the Sixers to the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

Embiid sits seventh in the player rankings heading into this season. He sits between Mavericks star Luka Doncic and Brooklyn’s James Harden.

There is no debate on the top five on this list, but you could argue that Embiid belongs to Doncic. Not only has Embiid led his team to greater success, he’s a two-way superstar. Doncic is showing incredible numbers and has one of the brightest futures in the NBA, but there are more weak spots to his game.

Following the end of last season for the Sixers, Embiid will be a determined man this time around. He continues to improve his fitness and fitness to try and shake off the injury-prone narrative that has plagued his career.

The All-Star center showed last season that his game still has room to grow. If he can continue to rise to new heights, that could put him in the top five of those rankings right down the line.

Kevin McCormick covers the Philadelphia 76ers for the ESPN 97.3 of South Jersey and Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @KevinMcCNBA.

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