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Patrick Beverley chased down an opposing NBA player in a parking lot

Patrick Beverley is known for his toughness on and off the basketball court.

When playing, Beverley is one of the biggest nuisances in the league and often elicits strong reactions from whoever he’s glued to.

Other than that, he shows the same kind of fearlessness. So much so, in fact, that he’s not afraid to chase a rival into a parking lot just to make his point.

Recently, Terrence Ross shared a story of how Beverley did precisely that when he felt Mo Bamba had wronged him.

“Patrick Beverley, he got caught with an elbow,” Ross said. ” He went out. He is offside. He had to go to the hospital, I think. But apparently he had to be fine. Because after the game, Mo Bamba is in his car getting ready to leave, and Patrick Beverley somehow finds his way into the players’ garage [and] knocks on Mo Bamba’s door asking for an apology.

“Security came in and they tried to get involved,” Ross continued. “I guess Mo was in his car and he didn’t see Patrick coming. Patrick approached his car banging on the hood trying to get him to apologize, and it was just the weirdest thing ever.

Whether he’s destroying Russell Westbrook, naming the NBA’s hardest-to-keep player, or going after the NBA’s union bosses – Beverley still stays real.

This was just the latest example.

Why will it ultimately go viral?

Time will tell us.

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