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“Not just a ‘Basketball’… We are the ‘NEW MEDIA’!” : Warriors’ Draymond Green silences haters as he releases new podcast episode after losing Game 1 of NBA Finals

Warriors’ Draymond Green responds to haters and critics for continuing to do podcasts, despite losing Game 1 of the Finals

The Golden State Warriors suffered their first home loss of the 2022 playoffs last night. The Boston Celtics came in and rocked the Warriors with a strong performance in the 4th quarter. Despite starting 4th with a 12-point deficit, the Cs never gave up and stayed within striking distance. With a 40-16 4th quarter, they won the game 120-108, a 24-point turnover.

Stephen Curry had a wonderful start to the game, dropping 21 points in the first quarter. However, the Warriors offense later stalled and the leader was down to 34 points for the night. Draymond Green did not feel ready for the game. He looked offbeat and had one of the worst games he’s had in recent times. He shot 2/12 from the field and his playing skills were lacking.

As we know, Green likes to analyze every game on his podcast and drop an episode after. The same thing happened today, and Green got a lot of flak for the same.

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Draymond Green hits out at critics, says he’s not just a basketball player

Even after the 4th Q breakdown, the Warriors kept their spirits up and looking forward to getting things back on track in Game 2. They made a few mistakes, the team and coaching staff were circling them and ironing them out, and the Dubs would be ready on Sunday.

However, people started suing Draymond for putting up an episode despite his poor performance.

An NBA Insider posted a tweet defending Dray.

Green also spoke about the same when he put the tweet on his Instagram story and wrote, “Maybe they still think we’re just ‘basketball players‘… They gon’ have these episodes though …NEW MEDIA.”

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As long as Green is focused, his podcast shouldn’t affect anyone, and no one should be allowed to say anything about it.