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No active NBA player has played against the Sacramento Kings in the playoffs / News

The Sacramento Kings have missed the playoffs for 16 consecutive seasons, the longest drought in NBA history.

3 points this season

Sacramento was previously tied with the Buffalo Braves/San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers, which missed the playoffs all 15 years from 1977 to 1991.

As ESPN noticed, no active player has played against the Kings in the NBA playoffs, which is mind-boggling.

The Kings acquired All-Star big man Domantas Sabonis in a trade from the Indiana Pacers last season and are trying to build the team on his duo and that of De’Aaron Fox.

Newly appointed head coach Mike Brown also received another weapon for the team, Keegan Murray, who finished fourth in the NBA draft this year. The 21-year-old has already proven himself by becoming the Summer League MVP.

Brown recently claimed Sabonis and Fox were among the “top three in the league” and believes they can give Sacramento a long-awaited playoff spot.

“As a tandem in pick and roll, they’re very, very good,” he said. “Probably a top-three combination in the league right now, so it’s a giveaway. With Fox’s speed and Sabonis’ ability to pass, it just gives you different ways to play basketball.

I’m a big believer in dabs of paint and you get dabs of paint a lot of ways, you put Sabonis in the post and he eases from there. Every time you get a splash of paint, you crumble the defense and can ease from there. You can also spread the floor, tell Fox to put that paint on, finish, or distribute. I’m thrilled that these two guys are doing a lot of different things offensively. »