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NBA PM: Jeremy Lin, activist and basketball player – Basketball Insiders

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a strong movement for social justice and human rights in America. Recently, headlines have featured racist remarks and attacks on people of Asian descent across the United States.

In the NBA, various teams and players have come to express their support for the movement to stop Asian hate like James lebron, Dwyane Wade and an Asian American himself, Jeremy Lin. The basketball world has done a great job with social justice reform and human rights issues highlighting them on player uniforms, banners and signs in their arenas, while leaving players express their thoughts on racism without backing down.

“As part of our continued commitment to promote racial equality and social justice,” said the recent NBA statement, “We stand with the Asian community against all acts of hatred and racism. “

In recent weeks, a mass Atlanta massage parlor shooting has left six Asian women dead. The shooting took place on March 16 and received much media coverage as a hate crime. This act of racism has once again put the Asian hate movement in the spotlight, but, sadly, hate crimes against Asians linked to the coronavirus pandemic are nothing new.

Lin – always ready to stand up for what is right, no matter what the cost – used his platform to speak out and highlight the hatred observed against Asian Americans.

“We must continue to stand up, speak out, come together and fight for change. We cannot give up hope!

Lin, who has now played for the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, has a great platform as an Asian American basketball player. Today, the G League Santa Cruz Warriors point guard has been a vocal leader in the movement to end Asian hatred. But as one of the three Asian basketball players in the NBA system, he serves as a role model for young Asians around the world. For every three-point pointer he has touched this year in the G League, he has donated to organizations for youth empowerment or human rights work, according to CBS News.

Of course, during a G League match, Lin was called a ‘coronavirus’ by another player – which led him to speak out against Asian hatred but didn’t name anyone because he didn’t want to help. more hatred.

“What good is it in this situation for someone to be demolished?” Lin said in a lengthy Twitter post published in late February.

Hear the voices that teach us how to be anti-racist towards ALL people. ”

Experienced recently with hatred while suffering numerous other instances of racism against him, Lin is a powerful voice and leader in the Asian American community.

As a player, Lin enjoyed an eventful career while playing abroad in China, all following an NBA Finals victory in which he only played for one minute. for the Toronto Raptors. Back in America and in the G League where he made his debut, Lin tried to prove that he was ready and able to contribute once again to an NBA team.

Appearing in nine games for the Santa Cruz Warriors, Lin posted averages of 19 points and 6.4 assists per game, plus a field goal percentage of 50.5%, a three-point percentage of 42, 6% and 87.9 from the free throw line.

Without a doubt, Lin still has a lot of good basketball in the tank, but why wasn’t he called up to the NBA? The Golden State Warriors are already in the luxury tax and the other guards on the team have performed particularly well. An unfortunate circumstance for him, but Lin is within an injury of a summons and a contract if the situation arises.

This season may not be when Lin makes his return to the NBA, but that won’t stop him from trying. It was clear after his short stint in the G League that he could still play in the NBA and still deserved to be on a roster. Even though he doesn’t play a big role, he can be an instant threat on the bench at any time with his offensive IQ creating shots for himself and paving the way for others.

But as Lin strives to make his dreams come true again, that hasn’t stopped him from using his platform for good. Throughout his long and eventful career – one filled with meteoric climbs, brutal injuries and false starts – the veteran point guard has always been a source of kindness and thoughtfulness. And nowadays, Lin is a powerful voice for advancement not only in the NBA, but in the country in general.

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