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NBA player’s house construction project approved by La Jolla Shores license review committee

A project to build a home for Philadelphia 76ers basketball player Tobias Harris and his fiancee Jasmine Winton had nothing but bottom lines at the La Jolla Shores license review committee meeting on November 15, when the board of directors voted unanimously to support it.

Harris bought vacant land on Senn Way over two years ago to build a house, and in November 2020 he made an elaborate proposal to Winton at the site.

The plan was submitted to the PRC Shores last November for preliminary comments (no votes were taken), but the committee had questions about the heights of some walls and the views from surrounding properties.

Revised plans were presented this month. The project is applying for Coastal Development and Site Planning Permits to construct an 18,436 square foot two-story house on a basement / garage, with a 3,462 square foot independent gym, swimming pool and a 2,670 square foot outdoor basketball court. yard on the 5.4 acre property.

Tag Front architect Mehdi Rafaty said nearly 22,000 square feet of new landscaping has been added to the plans to soften the appearance, and high walls have been removed from the property line and “opened up.” , so “it’s not a big wall facing anyone on the neighboring property.

He added that the house was far enough away from surrounding properties that “most of the neighbors could not see the house”.

PRC administrator Janie Emerson said the new plans respond to the board’s “biggest concern,” which was the view from the street, and thanked the architects for listening to past comments. .

“It’s always nice to be able to work together on projects so that they can go well for the owner and for the area,” said Emerson. She welcomed Harris and Winton to the neighborhood.

Administrator Angie Preisendorfer called the house a “feat of engineering” and said she appreciated the privacy of the arrangement.

Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris heads for the basket in a playoff game against Atlanta in June.

(Associated press)

Harris, a 29-year-old forward, signed a five-year, $ 180 million contract with the NBA 76ers in 2019. For his marriage proposal last year, Harris arranged a giant carpet of red rose petals shaped like 20 feet. – wide heart delimited by candles. A path, also strewn with rose petals, led to a richly decorated gazebo, equipped with a chandelier, scalloped curtains, dinner sets and other roses.

Afterwards, Harris said The San Diego Union-Tribune, “When I’m done with basketball and retire, I’m going to wake up every day in La Jolla and enjoy my family. “

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Paseo del Ocaso project refused: A house project planned for 7951 Paseo del Ocaso was rejected during its third review by the board of directors.

Plans call for coastal development and site planning permits to demolish a single-family residence with garage, pool and shed and build a new 3,355 square foot two-story single-family residence with roof access and garage for two adjoining cars. garage.

The board reviewed the draft in September and October, but did not vote. During these reviews, PRC administrators expressed concern about the house’s proximity to the property line and the appearance of a sturdy blank wall, in conflict with local building guidelines.

In an attempt to alleviate concerns, the plaintiffs said the side elevations had been broken, the height had been reduced, and landscaping had been added.

But it was not enough.

La Jollan Phil Merten said that while it is a “pretty nice design”, the house would not work “in the context of the neighborhood”. He argued that the second floor should “step back to conform to the older buildings around it.”

Emerson said she was disappointed with the more recent design. “I feel like all the work we put into that meant nothing,” she said. “We have been explicit on [the second story] take a step back and not have 30 foot walls. … What you have done in no way corrects the problems that we have raised.

Rather than returning for a fourth review, the candidates opted for a vote by the board. A motion that conclusions cannot be made to support the project passed 4-1, with Preisendorfer dissenting because “I like the design”.

Project Avenida de las Ondas approved: A residential plan described as a “nice addition” to the neighborhood was unanimously approved.

The project is requesting coastal planning and site planning permits to add 906 square feet to a 4,362 square foot two-story house at 8424 Avenida de las Ondas, add 686 square feet to the garage and make site improvements associated.

Rollin Ritter of Local Architects said the proposed development is “well in the range” of square footage and setbacks to surrounding homes.

“The character of the neighborhood is what motivated our design decision,” said Ritter. “We didn’t want to do anything too weird. We wanted to work with the existing site conditions… but we wanted to give them the look they were looking for.

Emerson said the development is “a nice addition. I know this house and… it needs a facelift. This seems good.”

Preisendorfer said she was “excited to see this house change and get better.”

Administrator Dan Courtney, while joking that “it’s been a while since a project has been presented to this group that I really love”, said he appreciates that the development “doesn’t not exceed height or FAR [floor area ratio, or the size of a structure in relation to the size of its lot]. ”

The CBP findings for the three projects will be forwarded to the La Jolla Community Planning Association for ratification or further consideration.

Next meeting : The La Jolla Shores license review committee will then meet (pending review) on Monday, December 20, online. Learn more about ??

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