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NBA player refuses to leave after being thrown from field seat

An NBA player pulled off an impressive stunt on Saturday – getting kicked out of a game he wasn’t even playing in…and then refusing to leave.

Charlotte Hornets goaltender James Bouknight sat courtside for UConn’s game against Xavier. Bouknight is a UConn alum and played for them last season before being drafted to the NBA.

During the second half, Bouknight was ejected from his seat by referee Mike Roberts. The show said Bouknight stood on the court while talking on his cellphone, presumably disrupting the game.

Instead of leaving the arena, Bouknight went straight to the student section of UConn after being kicked out of his seat. The act of defiance was met with loud cheers from the local crowd.

UConn then beat Xavier 72-61. As for Bouknight, he played for the Huskies for two seasons, including last year when he was their leading scorer. Bouknight is obviously still very popular with UConn faithful.

This season for the Hornets, Bouknight, the team’s first draft pick, is averaging just 5.0 points in 10.6 minutes per game. He also met authority figures in Charlotte.