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NBA player calls LeBron James on CNN

LeBron James sits on the bench during a preseason game.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is vaccinated, but he’s not encouraging the rest of the league to do so. James has made it clear that he doesn’t think he should speak out on this matter, although he has been incredibly vocal on a number of other non-basketball issues.

“I’m not talking about other people and what they should be doing,” James said. “We are talking about individual bodies. We are not talking about anything political, racism or police brutality. I don’t think I should personally get involved in what other people are doing for their bodies and their livelihoods.

“I know what I have done for myself and my family…

Of course, we are in a pandemic, and everyone’s decision impacts the rest of the world.

Over the weekend, NBA veteran big man Enes Kanter was asked if he was surprised by James’ position. Kanter admitted he was disappointed with James’ lack of encouragement to those around him.

The NBA is above a 90 percent vaccination rate, although some notable players, including Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal, appear to be holding up.

The league season is expected to begin in less than a month.

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