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Nasty poster about ex-NBA player Matthew Dellavedova leads to NBL fight

Because the NBA features the best players in the world, other basketball leagues are sometimes overlooked. This was recently acknowledged by former NBA player Mario Hezonja, who spoke about how legendary European coaches would perform in the NBA. But in practice, leagues outside of the NBA rarely receive attention.

But a former NBA player posted himself pretty badly, and it even led to a whole brawl. In the game between the Sydney Kings and Melbourne United, Australian player Mitch Creek fiercely dunked the ball at Matthew Dellavedova in the counterattack.

Mitch Creek was celebrating quite heavily, which led to Kings player Mason Peatling pushing him over. Obviously, he didn’t appreciate Mitch’s over-the-top celebration. This push led to an entire brawl between the two teams, and things got pretty intense between the two sides before they went their separate ways.

This brawl was very different from what we see in the NBA these days. Since the late 2000s, brawls have become rare in the league due to the way the game is refereed. So this could be a payoff situation, as fans will flock to see the brawl, and maybe even stick around to watch some of the league games.

Dellavedova, who is a former NBA champion, having played for the Cleveland Cavaliers alongside LeBron James, currently plays in her home country of Australia. He’s just left the NBA, having played for the Cavaliers in his second stint just last season.

This incident could end up being a catalyst for the NBL to become more popular. People were looking to the NBL when current Hornets player and 2020 third overall pick LaMelo Ball was playing in the league because he chose to gain work experience rather than play college basketball.

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