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Napa County Boys’ Basketball Player of the Year 2020-21: Nothmann combines intelligence and bravado | High school

Gongora also liked having a thinker leading the way.

“The playmaker is the most difficult position on the pitch,” said the coach. “Logan was an extension of the coach on the floor. His dynamism and competitive spirit have literally led our team to victory on several occasions during the last season. It all started with his first game of the season. Logan lost 24 to Casa Grande just four days after beating Napa (in football) at Memorial Stadium.

Nothmann would also lose 24 points in an overtime win at Vallejo and against a visit to Napa in his last game as Crusher.

But let’s not forget Nothmann’s 31 points in a 96-93 double-overtime victory at Sonoma Valley, where he also sealed the win on the free throw line with seconds to go.

“The difference between Logan and other prolific goal scorers is that more often than not his efforts have resulted in a W,” said Gongora. “This fact is a testament to his selfless play and his desire to win simply against the need to always score. Great players involve others and improve those around them and that’s what Logan has been doing this season.

Nothmann missed most of his junior season with a broken leg.

“This year I was finally healthy and I knew this was my last year and I had to become a leader and a goalscorer, and set an example for the rest of the team,” he said. . “I always tried to be more of a real playmaker and I was certainly not really a goalscorer (in first year and second year). I was mostly an animator. But playing defense, through all the coaches I’ve had at Vintage, defense has always been a priority. Gongora the most, that’s for sure. Gongora pretty much let me play like a coach on the pitch, almost. On the offensive side, he kind of let me lead the ship, you might say, and defense was everything for him.

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