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“Michael Jordan has done more spectacular things than any basketball player I have ever seen”: Jerry West praises GOAT while revealing one of the best MJ games of all time

In a recent podcast appearance, Lakers legend Jerry West paid huge compliments to former Chicago Bulls GOAT Michael Jordan.

Michael jordan is easily one of the greatest players the league has ever witnessed. Besides being one of the most influential players, Mike was considered a god of basketball. Until today, fans rave about its insane gameplay and achievements.

“This guy has done more spectacular things than any basketball player I have ever seen. The thing people don’t realize is what he could do… he was the best defensive player in the league. I mean, he was the best offensive player, wasn’t he.

Jerry West compliments Michael Jordan on his athleticism, talks about one of MJ’s most spectacular plays

Jerry West also opened up about Jordan’s incredible athleticism, recounting one of Air Jordan’s UNC moments.

“His athleticism… he was in Carolina and they were running, I forgot a 100 or 40 yard dash, and he ran some spectacular numbers and the late Dean Smith who was a very good friend of mine and also Roy Williams who comes from retire in North Carolina. , we were all close, and they were talking about him, I think he was running a 100 or something, he was running in a spectacular wow time.

One of the coaches told him something different and he said ‘oh I can do better than that’ and he came out two tenths of a second faster.

The Logo has finally spoken of Mike’s iconic dunk on Patrick Ewing.

“The vertical leap means a lot. But it means a lot to those with skills, right? Some guys jump fast, others have to curl up, okay? Michael Jordan was like a cat. There is one piece in particular that really interests me. They were playing against the New York Knicks, he caught the ball off the baseline and he started that way and he turned around. He soaks it in such a small area. I mean this area, he was only jumping that way. Some guys need a little more space, right? Yeah, he dunked that bullet on him, I said ‘oh my god’.

And I watched him play in college. I watched him play when he was trying for the Olympic team and I spent three days there. Terrell, there is, I know you have some amazing athletes in the NFL and taking the punches they take and they always have that extra equipment. This guy had some extra gear oh my god. I just maybe, the more he is the most skilled player.

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