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Mark Williams knew he was not yet ready to become an NBA player

The way Mark Williams ended the season last year, it seemed obvious he could declare for the NBA. Matthew Hurt did and he wasn’t a foolproof prospect, much like DJ Steward, in a really bad decision, at least if he was serious about the NBA. If he just didn’t want to stay in school, it was the right decision, but if not? Badly reasoned.

For his part, Williams had a fundamental reason not to leave even though he could and probably would have been drafted: the News & Observer. “My work last year, I don’t think, would have been enough. I mean, it could have been, obviously, if I had tested the waters. But I didn’t want it to be a question. So I wanted to come back, show what I could do, dominate for a whole year and see what would happen from there.

This is pretty much true.

He’s got a chance to be a really special player and not just because he’s 7-0, although that helps. He is a very talented and intelligent athlete. He always makes good decisions and is a skillful passer and has a good foundation. If, as Chris Carrawell says, he can be an elite defenseman and rebounder, and also put on some muscle, he’ll be a lottery pick whenever he decides to go.

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