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Lorain County Community College women’s basketball team is happy to be back – Morning Journal

As college sports teams prepare to begin their winter seasons, the Lady Commodores basketball team at Lorain County Community College is also set to begin its season, for the first time in two years.

The Lady Commodores did not play last season due to COVID-19.

“It’s really different to be back here,” said LCCC coach Vince Granito. “Before I started here I was a high school coach for 25 years, so last year would have been my 32nd season, so not having last year was kind of weird.”

Granito added: “It’s great to be back and I think we have a good group of kids on the team this year.”

The Lady Commodores are led by Vanecia Billings, who averaged 13.7 points per game two seasons ago.

“Very excited,” Billings said of his comeback. “We have a whole new team here and I think it will be great for us. I just hope we can get our foundation started and I’m happy to have an extra year to play.

“We want to win, that will be the goal,” Billings said. “We want to forge close ties. I think we have a very energetic, happy, and solid base right now. We’re just working to bond and get closer. I feel like a lot of teams still have their original team and a lot of new girls for us. Just learning to play together and master our chemistry. “

The LCCC are bringing in two sophomores from Tri-C as they don’t have a team this season with Terri Gates and Lovie Hendon.

“It’s a good mix (of players),” said Granito. “We have a handful of players from North Ridgeville and a handful of players from Elyria, so it’s always a good thing when you have players from the same school.”

One of those North Ridgeville players that Granito is thrilled to see on the field is freshman Nina Vlach.

“She’s a post player who can shoot from the outside, she can put the ball on the ground and she will be one of our main goal threats this year,” said Vlach. “She can score from inside and out and she understands the game really well. She has a high basketball IQ and she’s been involved in all of our gyms that have been open since midsummer.

“I’m excited,” Vlach said. “I’m excited to show everyone what we can do and get to work. We have a lot of potential and we just have to keep working every day.

“It’s really good,” Vlach added of the upcoming season. “Everyone wants to be here and play hard. “

The three point line has moved from the women’s hoops to the men’s line this year and it will be an adjustment for a team that lives there.

“We’re very likely going to score a lot on the inside as opposed to the away side and I guess most of the league will have to adjust to that as well,” said Granito.

The decision was taken to further open up the women’s game.

“I just think it will result in more zonal defenses, but we’ll see,” Granito said.

Either way, everyone is just happy to be back.

“It’s awesome,” said Granito. “I’m just back here in the gym. We started the gyms open over the summer and it was just great to be back here in the gym and the players who wanted to train a little longer or shoot longer. I think they’re just as excited as everyone else.

“I am happy and ready,” Billings said. “I’m glad I had the opportunity to have an extra year and last year we were ready to go with the same team we had and not being able to play was a setback for me. love basketball since i started playing and i’m just ready to start.

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