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London-born basketball player and TikTok star, 28, reveals hilarious differences between Brits and Americans

Camden-born TikTok star Jesse Chuku has entertained people his entire life, from playing basketball for Team GB to making hilarious social media videos.

Jesse has nearly 3 million followers on TikTok, where he presents his latest comedy sketches.

He has a global audience and they can’t get enough of his videos which explore the different nuances between British and American culture.

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Jesse told My London: “Most of my sketches are based on real life experiences, I just posted a couple of them for fun and then people kept asking for more and them. things just happened from there.

“I made a video called ‘first day at school’, it was one of the first I did, and the script was basically a condensed version of a situation that arose in the real life.”

The influencer has nearly 3 million followers on TikTok

Jesse got a scholarship to play basketball in America and immediately noticed the differences between British and American culture.

He said: “Living in America definitely introduced me to the subtle differences in language.

“For example, in the UK if you say ‘are you okay’ to someone that is generally considered a casual greeting, whereas in the US if you ask someone ‘are you okay? “is like the start of a serious conversation.

“This interaction became the inspiration for my ‘first day at school’ video when these Americans asked me to say ‘Harry Potter, where’s the bathroom?’ Among others. “

Since becoming a viral sensation, Jesse has had to focus on content creation more than basketball, but he says basketball allowed him to go to America, which became the source. inspiration for most of his videos.

He said: “I grew up in Camden and always stood out because I was tall.

“After failing to make the school football team, I started playing basketball regularly, first for the school team, then for the Westminster Warriors and finally the team. GB at the youth level. “

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Jesse added: “The more I played, the more I became interested in the NBA. My idols quickly became Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony, but the player I liked the most was Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls because he was British and he’s doing big in the NBA.

“My goal quickly became to play basketball in America, I started in a London based team called the Westminster Warriors and played all youth levels for the GB team before finally getting my scholarship to play in the United States. “

Now Jesse admits he’s probably better known for his Tik Tok than his basketball.

He said: “I’m definitely more recognized for my Tik Tok now than my basketball, even though I’ve played at a pretty high level. The last few months have been particularly crazy after a lot of my videos went viral. . “

He added: “Content creation is definitely my main focus right now, it has given me so many opportunities in terms of collaborating with brands and reaching a wider audience, plus I really like it. . “

Jesse often seamlessly switches between a British and American accent in his sketches, although that’s something he’s particularly working on.

He said: “It just happened by osmosis, living in America, the focus slipped in and now I’m happy enough to switch between the two.

“It also became a bit of a necessity because people sometimes had a hard time understanding my London accent, for example the word ‘water’ sounded like ‘war’ to them for some reason.”

A man of many talents, we can’t wait to see what Jesse does next, whether it’s in the field or on our phones.

You can check out Jesse on TikTok here.

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