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LeBron James Says Lil Durk Is The Best Basketball Player In Hip-Hop –

NBA great LeBron James has weighed in on the debate surrounding who is the rapper with the best overall basketball skills, giving Lil Durk that crowning glory. A fixture in the Hip-Hop community, James has offered his services as de facto A&R for various rap artists, but this is one of the first instances in which he reversed roles, which has happened. during the last episode of his HBO show. Uninterrupted.

“Lil Durk,” James replied when asked which rapper has the best hardwood skills. “Lil Durk can hoop.”

The Los Angeles Laker also mentioned a few other artists who have earned a reputation as serious hoopers, while considering the handful who performed at a highly competitive level before making a name for themselves in entertainment, in particular rapper “Mo Bamba” Sheck Wes.

“And by the way, and that’s not fair, because actually…no, that guy really played ball,” James explained, before comparing J. Cole’s hoop course with Sheck’s, who stood out on the New York City basketball circuit years before his music career. “J. Cole cool, but Sheck Wes, he was a real baseball player. Like he could hoop for real.

2 Chainz, a guest on the episode, and Quavo were also mentioned, however, James is adamant that Durk has parted ways with the pack, noting his reach as a shooter and possession of the intangibles that make a great player.

“2 Chainz can also hoop,” added the four-time NBA champion. “But Lil Durk, he can hoop for real. Man, he’s been jumping all his life. He can hoop for real. Lil Durk, he’s got a fuckin’ cannon too. He got peeled. And he looks like a motherfucker who can.

After getting wind of James’ praise, Durkio shared a snippet of the conversation on his own Instagram page on Sunday (April 10), writing, “I don’t wanna hear no shit nomo from anybody lol”, seemingly backing out of the debate with the fans and artists to find out who really is the nicest rapper on the ground.