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“LeBron James is the smartest NBA player of all time”: when Jerry West praised the Lakers superstar just after winning his 4th title

Right after LeBron James won his 4e NBA title at the Orlando Bubble, former Lakers legend Jerry West called “The King” the “smartest basketball player” he has ever seen.

James lebron is arguably one of the greatest players to slip on the basketball court. For over 18 years now, King James has put on a show every night where he puts his foot on the ground. His unique gameplay, versatility, and durability are unparalleled, which compares him to Michael Jordan for the GOAT debate.

LBJ has a very famous and decorated basketball career. During his 18-year professional career, Bron has crafted a rather surreal resume with 17 All-Star appearances, 17 All-NBA caps, 4 NBA Championships, 4 Final MVP, 4 MVP and will surely be a Hall-Of of the first. tower. -Famer once he decides to hang up his boots.

Besides having such a dominant all-round game, Bron is even one of the smartest players the league has ever seen. Having such a high basketball IQ has helped the Lakers progress throughout his illustrious career. Teammates, opponents, coaches and many more have been impressed by James’ intelligence on the pitch. Jerry west is just one of many who recognize this natural trait of LeBron.

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“LeBron James is someone who would be fun to play with because he’s playing the ultimate team game”: Jerry West

A week after the Lakers lifted their 17e NBA Championship, and LeBron won his 4e MVP Award Finals, Jerry West made an appearance on “SiriusXM NBA Radio” and spoke about LeBron. “The Logo,” who has been a LeBron James fan since the King entered the league, paid the Lakers megastar huge compliments.

“Well, LeBron James is just an amazing player,” West said. “When you watch him play, he leaves nothing on the table in terms of personal investment in the game, his work ethic. He is perhaps the smartest player I have ever seen playing basketball.

“With his huge size, his skill level, I’m a huge fan of him,” West continued. “And he’s someone that would be fun to play with because he’s playing the ultimate team game.”

Well, “Mr Clutch” is not wrong at all. Besides being one of the most brutal forces and scorers in athletics, LeBron James can read defense better than anyone, has detailed knowledge of every player in the league, has carefully analyzed the pros and cons of his teammates in order to make them better players, and is even dedicated enough to study the game quite often.

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On numerous occasions during his career, LeBron James has made it clear that neglecting intangibles like intelligence and a high basketball IQ would surely pay off.

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