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‘LeBron James is the cheapest basketball player’: Dwyane Wade reveals how the Lakers superstar wouldn’t use his phone’s internet connection, only WiFi

During an appearance on Kelly Ripa’s talk show, Dwyane Wade said LeBron James is the cheapest guy he knows.

James has been a certainty in the NBA since reaching his sophomore year of high school. His mother Gloria James even got a car loan in his last year of school based on the promise he posted.

Given that track record and the certainty of making a lot of money, James should be a reckless spender. A lot of people in his salary bracket are actually pretty spendthrift – basketball players certainly fall on the flashy side.

However, there is a certain category of people who just don’t see the point in spending money on certain basic things. It has everything to do with them doing their best not to spoil themselves unnecessarily.

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Unfortunately, not everyone considers these tastes and frugal traits to be a plus sign. Dwyane Wade certainly doesn’t – the man himself has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in NBA salaries, obviously.

Dwyane Wade reveals LeBron James doesn’t use his phone’s internet connection, only WiFi

Wade was mulling over his free agency decision in the summer of 2016 when he appeared on Kelly Ripa’s show with his wife and famous actress Gabrielle Union.

Ripa proved to be a fun host and created extremely entertaining content with Wade for this appearance. She gifted him a pair of “tailored” Miami Heat shorts that were hilariously undersized.

When asked by D-Wade if this was her idea for a joke, she effectively answered with a yes. She then asked The Flash for the name of the cheapest basketball player in her experience. Wade barely blinked before responding with the name of a LeBron James:

“Oh, LeBron. He’s a good rocker, but he won’t use his cell phone without WiFi signals. This is not a joke. He text me before leaving for the boat, because there will be no WiFi signal there.

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