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LeBron James’ healthy reaction to being Trey Murphy’s second favorite NBA player: “Mom, I don’t mind being second to your son.”

The New Orleans Pelicans recently won a crucial game against the Los Angeles Lakers to cement their position in the 2022 NBA play-in tournament. Although the win was a team effort, Pelicans rookie Trey Murphy played a crucial role in the victory.

In just 25 minutes of playing time, Murphy netted 21 points off the bench which proved too much for the Purple & Gold to handle. Considering the Pelicans defeated the Lakers, that must have felt good for Murphy, whose career is just starting to take off in the league.

Besides winning the hearts of fans on the court, Murphy also won the hearts of his mother off the court. After the game, Murphy introduced his mother to none other than LeBron James for his birthday present.

After that heartfelt moment, LeBron James won the hearts of fans with his own wholesome reaction to meeting the rookie’s mother. The conversation between the two was revealed by Albeda Murphy herself on her Instagram account. She posted an image with James and captioned it:

“What an amazing birthday. Trey completely surprised me when he said ‘Ma you gonna meet LeBron on your birthday’. I hate LeBron all you want but this man was humble and very kind. He laughed when I told him that after July 2021, he became my 2nd favorite player in the NBA. His response: “Mom, I don’t mind being the 2nd after your son.”

Moments like these prove that basketball is more than a sport. Just meeting Murphy’s mother was a huge gesture in his eyes from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

As Albeda pointed out, people can hate LeBron for many reasons, but they can’t deny the fact that he’s an amazing human being on top of being a fantastic player.