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LeBron James calls Stephen Curry “unique basketball player”

LeBron James praises Stephen Curry as the Warriors guard nears the all-time record in 3 seconds.

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is on the cusp of NBA history as he moves closer to Ray Allen’s all-time 3-point record, needing just 10 more marks to pass the Hall of Fame.

League players are sure to praise Kia’s double MVP once the feat is achieved, with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James already praising it.

“I wish I could be there to congratulate him,” James told reporters after Friday’s win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. “I’ll be one of the guys in our league who gives him social praise. … Look, I know Ray, I know the work he put into it. And if there’s one guy he has to let his record go, it’s Steph, I know Ray is really grateful that he’s a guy like that. A pretty cool achievement.

James continued, “We all witness what Steph Curry has done in his career and how he has changed the game. He is a once in a lifetime basketball player.

Curry can match or exceed Allen’s mark as early as Saturday when the Warriors visit the Philadelphia 76ers (8:30 a.m. ET, ABC). Golden State’s next two games include road competitions against the Indiana Pacers on Monday (7 ET, NBA TV) and the New York Knicks on Tuesday (7:30 a.m. ET, TNT).

James admitted he followed Wednesday night when Curry, this week’s Kia MVP Ladder leader, was 16 long balls off the record.

“I’m literally sitting there doing the math in my head. I’m like ’16. OK, I know he’s done 12 several times. Well, if there’s anybody who can do it, it’s gonna be him. It just lets you know how amazing he is.

After facing each other in four straight NBA Finals in the past decade – with Curry and Golden State winning three of those clashes against the James-led Cleveland Cavaliers – the two superstars have maintained a friendly rivalry over the years.

Much respect has been given to Curry and his undeniable influence on basketball. In one-on-one interviews with’s Shaun Powell, here’s what a few others have to say about the game-changing superstar and his impact:

Ray allen: “He’s at his own level, the one he made for himself. He did such a good job. And he’s got such a great character as a person, and you root for people like that. He gets everything he deserves.

Dell Curry: “In Chicago the other day, I saw LaVar Ball at the game with a hat on that said: I told you. Well my hat would say: I had no idea. … I spent time last summer watching him work. Your average NBA player couldn’t work with Steph.

Seth Curry: “He knows everyone is trying to find ways to stop him, so that’s the special part of what he’s doing right now.”

Doc Rivers: “What he is doing is revolutionary. Only adults can do that, leave their mark like that. In fact, the great-great. They are changing the game.

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