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LeBron James breaks NBA player earning record

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has accomplished everything imaginable on an NBA court.

Out of the hardwood, James continues to break records, including his own.

The Lakers forward – who recently crossed the billion-dollar pre-tax threshold – eclipsed the single-year earnings record for any NBA player, according to Forbes.

After a series of massively lucrative deals for LeBron, Inc., – combined with the $ 41.2 million salary he earns for his day job – the four-time champion raked in $ 111.2 million over the course of the past calendar year, far surpassing the previous record of $ 96.5 million. , which James defined last year.

This is the eighth consecutive year that James has finished at the top of the Forbes list of top earners in the NBA.

As you’ve probably calculated by now, James has raised $ 70 million in off-court money over the past 12 months, through a variety of nifty trade moves. On Thursday, it was announced that he would sell his shares of SpringHill Company as part of a deal that includes Nike, Epic Games and Fenway Sports Group.

By Forbes:

“He continued his march to billionaire status this week when his media and entertainment company, the SpringHill Company, announced the sale of a minority stake for a valuation of approximately $ 725 million. The Los Angeles-based company does everything from producing films and documentaries… to marketing work for people like JP Morgan. James is not expected to pocket a lot of money from the deal, instead reinvesting most of the proceeds in the business … James and his business partner Maverick Carter will retain a controlling stake in the company, which has a television deal with ABC Studios. and a first -watch movie deal with Universal Pictures.

Maverick Carter spent Thursday morning touring CBS Mornings and CNBC following the sale.

Also this week, LeBron announced branded partnerships with the home fitness company, Tonal, and teased a collaboration with the Calm and RZA app.

James’ portfolio includes a billion dollar lifetime contract with Nike and deals with Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, KIA Motors and NBA 2K. He owns 14 franchises and stakes in the fast growing chain, Blaze Pizza.

It also counts State Farm, Dunkin Donuts, Upper Deck, Baskin Robbins, Verizon, Intel and the Swiss watch company Audemars Piguet among its endorsements. LeBron co-founded a sports performance and wellness company, Ladder, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In general, the last decade has been fiscally favorable to NBA stars. By Forbes:

“Combined, the top ten highest paid players in the NBA are expected to earn $ 714 million, up 28% from 2020-2021 and 19% from the previous record of $ 600 million from 2019-20 This is also a staggering 132% increase from a decade ago. ”

Golden State Warriors goalie Stephen Curry ($ 92.8 million) came second on the last list, followed by Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant ($ 87.9 million), Milwaukee Bucks champion Giannis Antetokounmpo ( $ 80.3 million) and LeBron Lakers teammate Russell Westbrook ($ 74.2 million). ).

Forbes estimates James’ net worth at $ 850 million. Not bad for an Akron kid!

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