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LAPD investigates arrest of NBA player Jaxson Hayes

The Los Angeles Police Department said on Tuesday it would investigate whether police used excessive force when New Orleans basketball player Jaxson Hayes was arrested last week.

According to CBS Los Angeles, a categorical use of force investigation was launched by the police department into Hayes’ arrest, which is a type of investigation typically reserved for officers who may have used lethal force during of an incident.

The investigation into the incident was originally launched as a non-categorical use of force investigation, denoting less extreme force used in the incident, but LAPD chief Michel Moore said this was subsequently changed after investigators discovered that Hayes had filed a complaint that his neck was constrained and restricted and he couldn’t breathe, CBS Los Angeles noted.

Last week, Hayes was arrested early Wednesday morning, as police responded to a report of a family dispute, the Associated Press reported. Police said they had Hayes stay outside a residence while they tried to talk to a victim inside and said body camera footage showed Hayes attempting to walk away anyway. enter the residence.

Police allege Hayes pushed an officer against a wall after officers attempted to put his hands behind his back, the AP reported. Police said they put Hayes to the ground and used several measures, including heaping him twice, when they said he tried to stand.

According to TMZ, he was later released from prison and posted $ 25,000 bail.

The AP noted that the Pelicans issued a brief statement after Hayes’ arrest, saying: “We are working with NBA and Jaxson officials to gather more information and will have no further comment. for the moment.”

Video footage obtained by TMZ Sports on Wednesday shows Hayes being stacked by police. TMZ Sports noted that the start of the video only shows Hayes seconds before he was shot.

In 2020, Milwaukee Bucks basketball player Sterling Brown struck a deal with the city of Milwaukee over an incident in January 2018 when police tackled Brown to the ground and tased him, CNN reported.

The Hill has contacted LAPD and the New Orleans Pelicans for comment.

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