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“Kyrie Irving is truly a pure basketball player”: Kevin Durant praised his Nets teammate on Knuckleheads podcast ahead of Kyrie’s return

Kyrie Irving returns to NBA pitch tonight alongside Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. We watch an interview illustrating Kyrie’s team mentality.

Kyrie has only taken L’s from media and social media for the past few years. Ever since he won his championship ring and then left for Boston, basketball fans don’t seem to have quite forgiven him.

But his reality is clear: Irving is forging his own unique path as a sportsman. No action underlines this more than his decision not to be vaccinated against Covid-19. It would normally be a shame for someone to be so stubbornly opposed to the best interests of a team.

But Kyrie Irving also seems to be too popular to be bothered, even by a billionaire owner. Joe Tsai, who strongly supports the vaccination campaign across the world, has given up in the face of a Covid-19 outbreak that has left half of his list isolated and in protocols.

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Despite all of these recent events, one thing has always been very clear. There isn’t a single Kyrie teammate – past or present – who would be hard pressed to say about him. He is loved by all and is even today the mentor of young Boston players off the field.

Kevin Durant says Kyrie Irving played a mentoring role on the Brooklyn Nets last year

Kevin Durant believes that one of the ways Kyrie Irving demonstrates his love for basketball and his team mentality is the way he approaches improving his teammates – past and present. He said the same on the Knuckleheads podcast:

“How he works on his game, how he influences young guys – that way, it was awesome. Nobody talks about it with Ky, he’s taken a lot of guys under his wing this year.

“Like everyone he trains with – you know – just being there with them. He’s really a complete basketball player, a real basketball player, a pure basketball player.

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