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Kevin Durant’s take on a basketball player’s story


Someone asked Kevin Durant if he, at this point in his professional career, cared what people thought of him. Check here what he answered.

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The brooklyn nets don’t play in the 2022 NBA Finals and there’s little left for the Celtics and Warriors to win the championship, but people and analysts keep talking about other players like Kevin Durant.

The 2021-22 NBA season was difficult for Durant but despite everything the Nets managed to reach the playoffs but the team was swept away by the Boston Celtics in the first round and with that, criticism from Durant and other players didn’t stop.

The last time Durant won a The NBA championship was in 2018 (part of back-to-back feat with the Warriors) and on that occasion, Durant was called a team leader.

What did Kevin Durant say about the narrative?

After a Twitter user (@shock) asked Durant At this point in your career, do you even care about the narrative?He has answered: “..I’m a bit jaded by all of this, I thought your acting on court dictated the narrative but I didn’t realize that you had to sell your acting to the media as well as your personality for a narrative to really hit. . ”

Durant means that players must establish their game as part of who they are and who they are in the game. NBA and not based on what others want that player to be. In addition to that question, Durant also criticized the way some analysts put words in his mouth after pointing out he was not a team leader.