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Jaylen Brown wild as fans believe robot basketball player dribbles better than him

Jaylen Brown gave another roast after fans compared a robot’s questionable dribbling style to that of the Boston Celtics star.

Fresh off of a painful NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors, Brown is facing the brunt of criticism from brutal basketball fans online.

Footage has emerged of a robot basketball player in Japan showing off his pretty impressive shooting skills, smoothly draining the ball from the free throw line and half court.

However, his dribbling skills were called into question, bouncing the ball around like someone who had never set foot on a pitch before.

Unfortunately for former NBA All-Star Brown, fans took this opportunity to reflect on his recent ball-handling skills.

One fan tweeted: “Bot dribbles like Jaylen Brown.”

While another replied: “Except the bot can dribble with its left hand.”

While a user tweeted a photo of Office Stanley Hudson’s character and his infamous dribbling style, saying, “Same energy.”

Poor Jaylen, losing the NBA Finals and getting flushed online in days.

Brown’s handling skills were called into question towards the end of that season, with his turnovers piling up.

In Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat, the Celtics recorded 23 turnovers, with Jaylen Brown contributing to seven.

Jackson Safon of The Ringer tweeted, “Jaylen Brown has to be the best player in NBA history who can’t dribble.”

Meanwhile, former Celtic big man Kendrick Perkins tweeted: “Jaylen Brown handles basketball like me.

“That’s not a good thing (by the way)!”

The robot could definitely give Jaylen Brown a run for his money, it seems, especially with scoring skills like that.

And who knows, by 2040 the NBA could be the first robot-only sport — especially if guys like this keep sinking them off the half court.

We already have robot football in the form of the RoboCup which has been held every year since 1996, where teams from all over the world compete against each other.

And the organizers hope that one day these robots will be able to compete against the stars of the world game.

In 1998, they proposed their ultimate goal: “By the middle of the 21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot footballers will win a football match, in accordance with official FIFA rules, against the winner of the last World Cup. world. ”

We reckon a 50-year-old Messi would still be capable of hitting one in the upper bins against a top robot keeper.