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‘Isiah Thomas is Chicago’s greatest basketball player of all time’: Dwyane Wade boldly says he believes the Pistons star is the ‘GOAT’ of Chi-Town hoops

Dwyane Wade claimed Isiah Thomas was Chicago’s greatest basketball player of all time in the NBA75 draft.

Dwyane Wade is one of the many Chicago basketball legends who made it big in the NBA. Besides his countless All-NBA and All-Star nods and appearances, he led his Miami Heat to an NBA championship and was named Finals MVP in just his 3rd league season. Many believe Wade should have won MVP in 2009 instead of LeBron James.

In addition to ‘The Flash’ establishing himself as one of the greatest shooting guards of all time, guys like Anthony Davis, Mark Aguirre, Derrick Rose, Tim Hardaway and more grew up in Chi -Town.

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Besides Dwyane Wade, Chicago’s other two extremely well-known NBA75 alumni are Isiah Thomas and AD. The former led the “Bad Boy” Pistons to back-to-back championships and gave Michael Jordan more trouble than any other superstar in league history.

Thomas is widely regarded as one of the greatest point guards of all time, usually in the upper echelons of PG alongside Magic Johnson and Steph Curry.

Dwyane Wade on Chicago’s Greatest Player.

Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Dwyane Wade looked up to guys who made it to the big leagues in his city, just like anyone would. While entering the NBA75 All-Time Draft on this year’s All-Star Weekend, Wade mentioned that he thinks Isiah Thomas is the greatest Chicago player in city history.

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Many may be confused here and believe that Wade “snubs” Michael Jordan, but it should be very clear that these are people born or raised in Chi-Town, not people who ultimately played with the Bulls.

Dwayne Wade would actually play for the Bulls for one season on a team that scared the Boston Celtics during the Playoffs. They would end up losing in the first round and Wade would find his way back to Miami after a lackluster stint with LeBron James on the Cavs.