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Is Bo Cruz a real NBA player in Netflix’s Hustle?

Netflix’s Hustle follows the story of basketball player Bo Cruz with NBA dreams, but is the character based on a real NBA player?

The film hit the streaming giant on Wednesday, June 8, and sees a basketball scout take a chance on Bo.

Following its release, audiences are curious if Bo Cruz is based on a real NBA player.

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Is Bo Cruz a real NBA player in Netflix’s Hustle?

No, Hustle’s Bo Cruz is not based on a real NBA player.

In the new Netflix movie, Bo Cruz is discovered by Philadelphia 76ers scout Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler) while on a mission in Spain.

After learning about Bo’s talents, Stanley takes a risk on the player as he plans to help him get to the NBA despite not having his team’s backing.

While the Philadelphia 76ers are an actual basketball team, Stanley and Bo’s stories are not.

Hustle is an original story by writers Will Fetters and Taylor Materne, but has a sense of authenticity thanks to its cast, as it features several real-life NBA players.

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Actor playing Bo Cruz is an off-screen NBA player

Bo Cruz is portrayed by professional basketball player Juancho Hernangómez.

While his character Hustle’s story is merely fictional, similar to Bo, Hernangómez is also Spanish and was born in Madrid.

Hernangómez has been in the NBA since 2016 when he was drafted as part of the Denver Nuggets. He currently plays forward for Utah Jazz.

The NBA player’s role in Hustle is actually his acting debut. Speaking to Slash Flims, Hernangómez admitted that he “never dreamed of being an actor” before taking his role in the film.