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“I knew you were about to do this”

Since Michael Jordan is widely recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time, his extraordinary skills have seen him embarrass a large number of players throughout his years with the Chicago Bulls.

Many of those retired athletes still remember the exact times Jordan made them look bad, especially since he was so important during that time in the NBA. Among these ancient hoops is Walt Williams. In fact, in a preseason game where Williams was just a rookie, Jordan wasted the youngster’s opportunity to show his best shot, then turned around and called him ‘wrong’. directly in front.

Michael Jordan was already in his prime with the Bulls when Walt Williams was a rookie

In 1992, Michael Jordan had already won two consecutive championships with the Bulls. He had also led the league scoring six straight seasons and was easily the best player in the NBA.

Walt Williams, however, was an NBA rookie with the Sacramento Kings after going to them with the No.7 pick in the 1992 NBA Draft out of Maryland.

Williams had just recorded 26.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in his 1991-92 college season, then started his professional career well. The little 6-foot-8 forward averaged 17.0 points and 4.5 rebounds in his first year with the Kings, helping him earn rookie honors.

For all his success this season, however, Williams met Jordan and the Bulls in the preseason, and MJ gave him a moment he will never forget.

MJ ruined rookie’s signature crossover in preseason game

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in November 1997. | Alexander Hassenstein / Bongarts / Getty Images

Many players were on the wrong side of Jordan’s incredible games throughout his career, and Williams was one of them. In a conversation with NBC Sports Wizards speak podcast in 2020, he discussed when MJ essentially gave him a “welcome to NBA moment.” He also recently told the story to Basketball Network.

“It was our last pre-season game. … We were playing against the Bulls and I flew into town and played that day so I didn’t know any games or anything like that, ”said Williams, who had just joined. the team on the same day, to NBC Sports. “But I had the opportunity to play against him. I faced Scottie Pippen in that game, actually.

Williams then said he did a pick-and-roll with teammate Mitch Richmond, whom Jordan was defending. He was supposed to pass it to Richmond offscreen.

But when MJ changed with Scottie Pippen, Williams realized that basketball’s biggest star was standing up for him.

“I just had this flash in my head like, ‘Oh my God, Jordan is keeping me. I could tell my boys I have a bucket on Jordan, ”Williams said, according to NBC Sports. “So I waved Mitch out. I fired Mitch because I wanted to work this ISO against Jordan. So back then, back then, I had a good [crossover]. … This footwork was nice. So, I prepared Jordan with this.

This signing move, however, did not go as planned.

“He put his hand in between and stole it and made me emblem on a dunk on the other end,” Williams said, according to NBC Sports.

The embarrassment did not end there.

Michael Jordan accentuated the humiliation with a wild trashy speech

Michael Jordan on his return to the Chicago Bulls and the NBA in 1995.

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in 1995. | Brian Bahr / AFP via Getty Images

If having Jordan spoil your signing wasn’t embarrassing enough, the six-time NBA champion also continued the humiliation by sending harsh words to the rookie.

“He turned and looked at me and said, ‘Hey man, we’re watching a movie here. I knew you were about to do this fake crossover, ”Williams said, according to NBC Sports. “That’s when I learned my lesson that it’s a different level in how you have to play in the NBA.”

Williams – who played in the NBA for 11 years – was certainly not the first or the last player to be embarrassed by the Bulls legend. But he definitely had a rude awakening to NBA life, especially during MJ’s day. It was only a preseason game and Williams hadn’t even played for the Kings yet. What movie did Jordan watch? His university tape?

Hopefully the former Terrapins star never tested this crossover on MJ again after this. It probably would have produced the same result.

Statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference

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