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Houston basketball player Jamal Shead cleans up his teammate’s mess

This hoops player won with his unexpected pickup performance.

University of Houston basketball player Jamal Shead is going viral after he was filmed picking up piles of trash that had just been knocked over by his frustrated teammate.

Fan Pictures of the Cougars’ controversial 83-82 loss on Saturday caught assistant coach Kellen Sampson kicking a chair as he ran away at the end – then senior forward Reggie Chaney angrily knocking down a garbage can, the The Houston Chronicle said.

After his team stormed off – many stepping over the debris – departing guard Shead instead stopped to pick up the can, then calmly picked up all the trash left strewn on the floor.

“Thank you, sir,” someone can be heard saying in the video, while others can be heard clapping and nearby fans pointing out his good deed.

Footage of his cleaning moves had been viewed 4.7 million times Tuesday — with rival Alabama fans among those sharing it to hail it as a “class act.”

Jamal Shead’s video had been viewed 4.7 million times.
Vasha Hunt/AP

“I love this young man! He doesn’t know anyone is watching. He knew what had to be done. one sports fan tweeted.

A mum said she had ‘crazy respect’ for Shead, saying: ‘He’s a example that I want for my son.

Others suggested the player’s grace was particularly notable given his side had just lost to a controversial no-call in the dying seconds of the game.

Cougars assistant coach Kellen Sampson kicks a chair.
The video showed Cougars assistant coach Kellen Sampson kicking a chair on his way to the locker room.
Reggie Chaney.
Reggie Chaney was seen kicking the same chair before emptying a trash can.

“Class act, even when the referees stole them, he always did the right thing”, a fan tweeted.

“He tries to leave it better than he found it. It is what real leaders do“, wrote another fan. “It’s selfless. The world needs more people like him.

Others said it was particularly admirable given that his own assistant coach started it all when he stormed past him.

“He dominated his leaders”, a the commentator said of Shead.

Jamal Shead picks up trash.
Fans praised Jamal Shead as a “class act” and “an example I want for my son”.

Sampson, the assistant coach, later “sincerely” apologized for his chair crisis, tweeting, “I let my emotions overflow.”

“I understand my role as a coach and my reaction was not indicative of a leader of men. I will move on better,” he promised.

Sampson also called Alabama to apologize directly, rival team athletic director Greg Byrne said in a tweet.