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“Has an NBA player reincarnated? “: A video of a squirrel on a basketball court amazes Internet users

In a video that went viral from Atlanta, a group of players were surprised when they saw the little animal on the field. While the players paused the game, not wanting to hurt the animal, the squirrel clearly had other plans. He waited impatiently for the ball to roll across the field and pushed it with all his might.

The video showed the players gently rolling the ball towards the smaller player, as he enthusiastically pushed it each time. Once he even jumped a bit and kicked the ball with his tail!

“It’s a blessing, I have to stop being angry now, it’s a blessing…. Shawty wants to play baalllll… THIS BOY AIR SQUIRREL! a man who is off camera is heard saying in the video.

And if that wasn’t enough to surprise everyone, the squirrel seemed very comfortable in human presence, confronting a player and trying to steal the ball from them. Many were also impressed with the way a player exercised control of the ball, taking care not to injure the animal.

[Disclaimer: Strong language, viewer discretion is advised]

Watch the video here:

The video amused internet users on social media, with some joking that the squirrel must be drafted into an NBA major league team. Others wondered if he was a famous basketball player reincarnated as an animal. However, even though people liked it, many said they feared the bullet would injure the small animal.

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