Basketball player

Govinda Sharma is a basketball player who dreams of bringing his country to the top of the world in this sport.

Govinda Sharma is an Indian sportsman who demonstrates good skills and expertise in basketball. His fame in basketball comes from his participation in FIBA ​​3×3 Basketball. This gave him the opportunity to play with great teams abroad in addition to playing for the country. He has come a long way before carving out a place for himself in the sports arena. Before becoming a coach, he played with different teams, proving his basketball skills. It even helped him win a few tournaments.

He was working for a multinational when he thought of a sports career. He gave up his job to get into basketball, the sport he was interested in. He got his training in Singapore and then got his FIBA ​​3×3 certification and then entered the sport. He then took up the sport and quickly won a number of awards for participating in different tournaments, he claims. Soon after playing the game for a few years, he switched to training and remained a member of several teams, including the NBA School of Basketball.

Entering as a coach, he has helped many teams win several tournaments, including local, national and international level teams, he says. It also has its own sports academy known as the KAGA Basketball Academy. He is now promoting a FIBA ​​3×3 basketball league in the North East and now intends to broadcast and make this format popular around the world. He also got involved with the NGO known as the Sab Khelo Sports Foundation. In this NGO, he also takes care of wheelchair basketball tournaments and even welcomes players from underprivileged society.

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