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“God cut up Chris Mullin and said he was THE basketball player”: Mark Jackson and other NBA legends recall Warriors legend’s impact as Hall of Famer

The Golden State Warriors were a basement team in the ’80s,’ 90s, and 2000s, except when Chris Mullin led the Run TMC Warriors.

NBA basketball has evolved to now accommodate shooters on a scale that would not have been deemed possible just 30 years ago. The game incorporated a whole host of rule changes in order to increase speed and make the defense more complex.

Players have gotten faster, they run longer, and they seem to jump higher and higher during matches. On the other hand, game fundamentals like post-play, footwork, and 1-dribble mid-range pull-ups seem to have diminished.

Ultimately, however, there is an element of pure skill to the game that remains unchanged. And if we’re talking about fundamentally strong offensive players throughout the history of the league, Chris Mullin is a major name.

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The former Warriors All-Star has carved out a long and successful career based solely on his offense. Mullin was also a member of 2 of the biggest Olympic basketball teams in the United States, including the Dream Team.

Mark Jackson believes Chris Mullin shaped his attitude as a professional basketball player

Magic Johnson and Mark Jackson were two of the game’s most important playmakers in the ’80s and’ 90s. Magic was also teammate with Mullin at the Barcelona Olympics with the Dream Team.

The Lakers legend has always been able to express himself with his words when praising people. He reserved a particularly special compliment for his teammate, saying:

“When God created the basketball player, he just took out Chris Mullin and just said, ‘He’s the player! “”

Jackson remarks that it was Mullin’s work ethic and love for the game that inspired him to turn pro:

“When he signed on to go to St. John’s, it took him from great local history to all of a sudden in a position to become a national champion. To watch the light of the University, to watch the city light up. To look at the Empire State Building covered in red and white because of Chris Mullin.

“They didn’t just love him as a basketball player, but they adopted him as one of their own.”

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“If I hadn’t met Chris Mullin or played with him, I wouldn’t be a professional basketball player. He taught me how to get to the gym and work out your craft. I’m gonna be a guy with tears in my eyes. Because he made me believe I could do it too.

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