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Former Ohio State basketball player kills Summer League debut

Former Ohio State basketball player Duane Washington played brilliantly on his Summer League debut for the Indiana Pacers.

Former Ohio State basketball player Duane Washington signed a bilateral deal with the Indiana Pacers after being undrafted in the NBA Draft. He decided to forgo his final year at Ohio State for the chance to play in the NBA. He has that chance with the Pacers.

Washington is on the Summer League squad, like most young players. He made his debut today in the first Summer League game the Pacers played. In this game, Washington showed everyone in Indiana what they are capable of as a top level shooting guard.

Simply put, he was sensational. Washington couldn’t miss in this game, missing just one shot from the field. He finished 8-9 and led the team with 23 points. He was also a scorching 5-5 three-point in this one. Washington was even one of the guys to play in the critical time.

It was the best possible start for Washington in his NBA career. He also didn’t look out of place defensively, and that was the big concern of his entry into the league. He was able to stand in front of his man and give him a hard hit most of the time.

As a Buckeye fan and Pacers fan, this game really excites me about its potential in the NBA. He did more than just stand on offense. He was able to make good passes and had a really good feed-oop inside.

Make no mistake, Washington is here to do what it did for the state of Ohio; get buckets. This is exactly what he did today. He probably won’t play much in Indiana this season, but will spend a lot of time in Fort Wayne with the Pacers’ G-League team. If he plays well enough there, he could end up on the Pacers’ roster later this season.

It’s only the Summer League, but Washington made a great first impression on Pacers coach Rick Carlisle. That’s all you can ask for.

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