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Former NBA player Ty Lawson assaults two staff at Madrid airport | off the field

MADRID: Former NBA player Ty Lawson was arrested in Madrid on Saturday for assaulting two people, after he was previously banned from boarding a flight for refusing to wear a mask.
Lawson was first involved in an altercation at Barajas airport, where security had to be called as he argued with staff over his refusal to wear a mask.
The 34-year-old was not arrested but was denied access to the plane, which was allegedly bound for the Dominican Republic.
According to El Pais, Lawson then went to eat at a restaurant near Retiro Park in Madrid, where the American threw a drink at another customer, who had to be treated by doctors and received “several stitches”. .
Police found Lawson shortly afterwards on a nearby street, where he had assaulted another person. He has since been taken into custody.
Lawson played in the NBA for nine seasons, including six for the Denver Nuggets. He started the current season with Kolossos Rodou in Greece before signing for Tunisian club US Monastir in the African Basketball League in November.
Lawson has been arrested several times for drunk driving and in 2020 he received a lifetime ban from the Chinese league for posting sexist messages on social media.