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Former NBA player threatens to sue P.League + basketball club

Former NBA forward Julian Wright threatened to take legal action against Taiwan’s P.League + professional basketball league Hsinchu JKO Lioneers for alleged breach of contract, a move the club called of “regrettable”.

Wright, 203cm, who played for the New Orleans Hornets and Toronto Raptors from 2007-2011, started the inaugural 2020-2021 season as a Lioneers player and was subsequently signed as a development coach. players at the end of February.

He remained in that role until the end of the season in May, before returning to the United States in early June.

Photo courtesy of the Lioneers of Hsinchu JKO via CNA

His contract expires in August of next year.

Wright, who is in the United States, said he has contacted team management on several occasions regarding his return for the new season, which was due to start on December 4, but had not yet received a formal response, which he considers a breach of contract. .

“I also want to announce that unfortunately due to a breach of contract I will not be able to come back and do my job as a player development coach and also do things in the community. Sometimes business gets in the way of the right feelings and the right connections, ”Wright said in a video posted to social media.

In a text, Wright said if a mutual termination agreement was not reached by Friday, he would take the case to Taiwan courts.

“By my legal actions I show how unethical cases go on if left unchecked, and hopefully without the help of sports organizations, can give other expats the courage to do the same, ”Wright said.

The Lioneers responded with a statement describing Wright’s comments on the contract as “regrettable.”

Although Wright’s contract did not expire until August, he allowed either party to terminate the agreement unconditionally without paying compensation and said Wright would not receive a salary when he’s not with the team during the offseason, the club said.

The provisions were included to give him flexibility, the club said.

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