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Former NBA player Lazar Hayward arrested for false COVID test in Hawaii

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Lazar Hayward, a former NBA player who was part of the 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder squad that made the NBA Finals, has been arrested for allegedly submitting false COVID-19 test results to avoid a quarantine trip to Hawaii.

The 34-year-old basketball player was arrested alongside Raven Randle, 33, after screening officers said they “uploaded forged negative test results to the Hawaii Safe Travels portal” during a trip to Los Angeles to Kauai, according to The Associated Press and NBC Sports. Those traveling to Hawaii must show proof of vaccination or negative test results to enter the state.

After landing, the couple were arrested by state officials and had to return to Los Angeles.

Hayward and Randle aren’t the only people who have attempted to sneak into the state without proper identification and testing. In August, a Florida couple was arrested for using fake vax cards to visit and bypass a 10-day quarantine. They were arrested after falsifying records for themselves and their children, although their children were not old enough to be vaccinated.

Hayward was the No.30 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft and was selected by the Washington Wizards. He played three NBA seasons between Minnesota and the OKC, and recently spent time in the G-League.

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