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Former NBA player Cedric Ceballos posts ICU photo as he fights Covid, asks for prayers

Former NBA player Cedric Ceballos is asking for prayers, revealing in a Twitter post that he has spent the past 10 days in the intensive care unit battling Covid-19.

“I ask ALL family, friends, prayer warrior healers for your prayers and wish for my recovery,” he tweeted Tuesday, accompanied by a photo of himself in the hospital with a breathing mask.

“If I have done anything to you in the past, allow me to apologize publicly,” he continued. “My fight is not over… .. Thx.”

In an August 27 Instagram post, Ceballos said he had to postpone a match and a golf tournament because he tested positive for the coronavirus. At the time, he said he was resting at home after being in hospital.

“I hope I will have my best health and a speedy recovery,” he said in the post.

Ceballos, 52, was a second-round draft pick in 1990. He was a small forward for the Phoenix Suns for six seasons and for three seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. He also played for the Detroit Pistons and the Miami Heat.

He averaged 14.3 points and 5.3 rebounds in 609 games. Ceballos is probably best known for winning the 1992 Slam Dunk Contest blindfolded.

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