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Former basketball player Nowitzki sees no future in Germany

Former basketball player Nowitzki sees no future in Germany

Former German basketball player Dirk Nowitzki does not see himself returning home. Nowitzki, 43, lives with his Swedish wife and three children in Texas. National team coach Gordon Herbert is hoping to woo Nowitzki for a role on the national basketball team, but the former Dallas Mavericks player is not enthusiastic.

“Of course, I’ll listen to what Gordon has to say. I’ve known him for some time and he also worked in the Bundesliga, ”Nowitzki said of the Canadian basketball coach. “But my life is here, and my future is also in the United States. And then it becomes very difficult to do anything with the national team.

Nowitzki has been accepted as an ambassador for next year’s European Championships, which will partly take place in Germany in September. The 2.13-meter German led the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA Championship in 2011. He was also voted NBA Finals MVP at the time. Four years earlier, he was the best player in the regular season. Nowitzki is one of the most successful Europeans in the NBA.

The number 41, which Nowitzki has always worn with the Mavericks, will be officially “withdrawn” at the beginning of January 5, by hanging the German jersey on the roof of the field. No one is allowed to wear their Dallas club number anymore.